Monday, January 21, 2008

Earlybird #3--P/1/2/3

DBCJRT Veterans from left to right... El Gigante, AWfoSho, TK, Tapinator, and Staz... finally getting to race after a long off-season. El Gigante tapped AWfoSho on the shoulder shortly after clipping in on the first lap to remind him, "Hey Alex, we're racing our bikes!"

AWfoSho leading an early break after the first lap. This move effectively shattered the field, closing the door on most of the racers chances.
TK and AWfoSho drive another early move... This was the beginning of the winning move. Later, several AMD Masters would come across to swell the group to about 20 riders.

while Staz sits comfortable in the group... Staz stayed with the group on a day where many riders were lapped or pulled out.

and El Gigante covers a bridge attempt. El Gigante was very active in between the break and the main field. He covered several moves before ultimately ending up in the main field.
BMC's Jackson Stewart comes across to the winning move. Stewart was the last piece to insure that the move would stick. With Hipp, Kilun, Holloway, and Stewart in the break all the big names were present. A final bridge by several AMD Masters gave them numbers and solidified the move. DBCJRT was represented by AWfoSho and TK.

TK covers Healthnet's Roman Kilun. This move looked good but was ultimately doomed because AMD had no fewer than four riders in the chase group. Regardless, TK and Roman spent four laps out in the wind before succumbing to the chase.

TK drags Larry Nolan into the headwind with one to go... Larry rode his wheel for the whole lap and came around him with 100 meters to go. Nolan launched his move with four to go. TK covered it with three to go and did the majority of the work. Nolan caught TK off guard with his bluffing... feigning exhaustion. Lesson learned.

AWfoSho gets pipped at the line by one of the AMD Masters after a 350 meter sprint into a headwind out of the first chase to take 4th on the day. AWfoSho had glued himself to Holloway's wheel with three to go, using elbow, hip, and, yes, even his head at one point to defend the wheel. DHolla was blown from chasing TK and Nolan and aborted his sprint at 350 meters leaving AWfoSho to go long into a stiff headwind.

and El Gigante claims the third spot in the field sprint... probably somewhere around 15th overall. Riggs led the sprint out with El Gigante not quite getting his wheel. Still, the Stanford rider was the only one to come around El Gigante.

Not a bad day at the races!


Anonymous said...

...And I thought Taylor had learned something since he joined our team. Well, I guess he learned how to go really really fast and hold off a charging field.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that was Jackson Stewart?
what was he wearing?

Steve said...

According to DHolla it was... I didn't recognize him in the kit he was wearing... black and white with bmc on the legs. pretty stealth

FWS said...

Hey Steve, and the Team...
Way to go! That's some major
power they were up against!
Awesome day... Great results
Early in the Season with a long
way to go. I smell a great season!
The Juniors are on fire...

Zachary said...

we're a bunch of bosses dipped in various assorted sauces

FWS said...

Yeah... Can you say Caliente sauce!

Lee said...

I was one of the old guys doing repeats on Cardiac with you guys on Saturday. Nice to see you guys had something left for the next day. Great work!

gma said...

Thanks for the blow by blow account, Steve. Nice pictures, too. Way to go, DBCJRT

chandler said...

I had fun using Alex's camera to take these pictures! Great race everyone!

Anonymous said...

nice job boyos - i like the new shorts also... im sure they are super sexy when wet -
blake with an even more epic beard than ever

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