Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Independence Day...

I was hoping, what with all the kidlets blogging now, that I'd be released from my duties on the interwebs... alas, it looks like the kiddos aren't quite ready for independence yet. Maybe a few writing lessons in the near future...

Anyways, let's jump into the way-back machine and dial it up to a week or so ago.

Dateline Burlingame, CA: If you read Staz's blog or El Gigante's, you pro'ly know that Staz wrapped himself around a parking meter while trying to serve up a few points to his teammate. Alas, it wasn't meant to be, but thankfully Staz is none the worse for wear...

Dateline Davis, CA: Got a call from Taps begging his way out of a $20 wager at Wednesday Worlds. See, he was talkin' big in his new blog and needed to be knocked down a notch or two (fact check before publishing, Taps), so I let him off even tho he'd pr'd last time he threw down south of Davis. He may not quite be ready for a new email address yet, but he's definitely getting faster. Keep after it Taps!

If you read Andreas' blog you know that he and his little brother gutted out some serious volunteer hours. While they were keeping their eyes on the prize a bunch of the other kidlets were doing laps around D-town. Staz and Taps piece the story together pretty well... and I'm sure that Torey will fill in some of the holes soon. Mechanical wasn't racing because he's gearing up for swim-bike-run Nationals, but he's promised us a bunch of pics... And if you don't feel like doing the clicky click read read thing... TK, AWfoSho, Staz, PtotheArker, AJ, Torey, Taps, El Gigante, Karcherific, Kelbster, and Ryan all dug deep. In the end, the kidlets weren't quite clicking on the same page and we gave away what should have been a sure W to Lombardi's Huffman. Gotta hand it to the kid. He's going super strong right now, but two months worth of not racing together left TK and AWfoSho a little lacking in the communication department and that, more than anything, cost us in the finale... Ryan, however, did save DBCJRT face, with a convincing victory in the kids race! WTG Ryan...

Speaking of the kids race... Special thanks to Karcherific for loaning his baby-bikes to my nieces and nephews so they could participate.

A few of the boyz raced with the grown-ups... Torey, Taps, AJ, and PtotheArker in the 4's; Staz and El Gigante in the 3's; TK and AWfoSho in the p/1/2 race... pack finishes all, with Staz serving up a third spot in the 3's to El Gigante. Staz and El Gigante are chasing the final few points for the upgrades. 4 or 5 to go...

Mark Adkison has put up lotsa good pics of the festivities on the 4th.
Dateline Williams, CA: Staz wouldn't listen to me about the hill and the gravel and the pavement, but I'm sure he will be back to Leesville again. TK fell even further in love with the epic with a third place finish in the prosey event. Now if we could just get Giant to race positive instead of negative...
Dateline Vacaville, CA: It was hot and the hill was big, but... AJ beat his pops!!! Taps crashed but finished, Staz took a dig but came up short, El Gigante got curbed in the chicane, TK made the break, and AWfoSho finished DFL but over half the field DNF'd. Read all about it in the kidlet's blogs...
After a few writing lessons (class starts soon) the boyz may truly be ready to fly on their own, and I will have my own little independence day!

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