Saturday, October 11, 2008


So, I thought I'd smashed out my last post on this here blog... Dunnigan Hills RR was supposed to be my coup de grace--seven DBCJRT kidlets in a prosey race at the same time, but after releasing this news, I can officially retire from junior bike racing a fulfilled man...

not to worry, the blog will be left in capable hands and will continue to be your source for up-to-date news concerning DBCJRT

... but I've got the scoop on Cyclingnews, Veloldnews, and Pez. I've even got Hernando beat at Norcalcyclingnews.

For several of you who are close to TK, you already know, but for the rest of you...

Recent DBCJRT alum Taylor Kuphaldt has signed with the new LiveStrong team for 2009. TK will be one of a handful (10 or so) young guns who will be racing for what very well could become an Astana feeder team. Not many other details about the team except that it will be directed by Axel Mercx and Taylor Phinney will be the leader on the road. From what I understand, LiveStrong will be a u23 team, but this is the real deal. TK has signed a contract that will have have him earning a paycheck next season.

I'm stoked for the kidlet because he has worked super hard for this one. I'm also stoked for the DBC junior program because this is a first for it. Finally, I'm just stoked because I got a phone call four years ago from a papa with big expectations, and I told him we'd make a bike racer out of his kidlet.

TK came to us a brand new five who had never raced his bike before. While I don't even pretend to take all or even some of the credit, it has sure been fun watching him develop... first as a big engine, then as teammate, followed by a tactician, and finally as the whole package.

This kid is talented, and now he is rubbing shoulders with guys who can take him to the top of the sport. I'm looking forward to hearing how Bob Rolle pronounces his last name... hey Bob, here's a hint... it isn't Ka Puff Nut.


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