Saturday, December 15, 2007

Karmic Circumstance

Picture, if you will, for a moment this:

AWfoSho returning home via Putah Creek Road after logging some base miles... somewhere just east of Highway 505 a car pulls up behind him occupied by two late teen or early twenties types. All masculine and MOPAR like they rev the engine a few times in an attempt to intimidate a lone rider spinning on the fog line. Bravado being what it is, a few engine revs simply aren't enough so they step up their game. Tires smokin', rubber squealin' our friendly auto occupants leave a trail of rubber-wreaking smoke as they pass...

The smokin' and squealin' continue out of sight around the corner only to be followed by the emphatic bang of a tire blowing out.

Our two friendly, former auto occupants are now standing on the side of the road with perplexed expressions on their faces, wondering just what the heck happened to their tire. As AWfoSho spins by he can't hold back a comment...

Something along the lines of, "Sucks for you" slips out to be followed by more bravado from the two now-afoot former auto occupants. In the blink of an eye one of them slips off his shoe and turns it into a projectile. Quick thinking!

The shoe sails harmlessly over AWfoSho's shoulder and lands conveniently on the road in front of him. Without stopping AWfoSho bends down and scoops up the errant projectile. Glancing back over his shoulder with an equally perplexing look, probably more accurately interpreted as 'WTF', the shoe is hurled over the embankment and lost forever to the creek bottom and its varmints while AWfoSho continues along his merry way.

Don't know what happened to deedle-deedle-dumplin' and his companion. Not sure if they were quick-witted enough to change the tire on the car. Perhaps they found a way to share three shoes between four feet as they hoofed it back to Winters...



Anonymous said...

what kind of dumbass throws a shoe? anyways, the season hasn't started yet but dbc is already 1 and 0...

Anonymous said...

Oh, woe is the einvironment!

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