Friday, September 28, 2007

News from Vegas

When the cycling world descends on Vegas every Fall we get to see lots of new gadgets and gizmos, the latest and greates in bicycle technology, but I don't really follow all the tech stuff... In most case equipment is not the limiting factor for riders. True for the DBCJRT kidlets as well as the proseys. Witness the vast array of equipment that finds its way to the podium. I chuckle when I hear a 42 year old masters racers brag about his new carbon bars and matching carbon bottle cages that shaved 23.6 grams off the weight of his bicycle while sipping his double mocha frappucino whip whip latte with a twist. That same master could have shaved a few pounds off his race weight (rider body weight + the weight of his equipment) if he would have passed on the daily latte and accompanying cinnamon roll. And, he could have done it without dropping $760...

don't get me wrong, if one has the dough, spend it. Support the bike industry, but don't think you are going to be faster because you spent an extra $760 to save 23.6 grams in lieu of spending a few extra hours on the 23.6 gram overweight bike.

But, enough of that rant...

What I do follow coming out of Innerbike is all the gossip, news and press releases.

Today, a big'n from the bad boys of the domestic pro peloton... Rock announces some new signings. I love the way those cats play. 'Gonna do it our way and the rest of you be damned.' Rumors swirled throughout the summer about Rock's aspirations for the Pro Tour. Most in the know chuckled and said, "Yea, sure..." Today Michael Ball put his money where his mouth is. Freddie, Hugo Pena, Grajales... the 07 crit scum are transforming themselves into a force to be dealt with... Rodriguez for the flat fast stuff, Grajales when the road tips upward, and they are courting Horner as a field general. They'll definitely make a splash on the NRC next year.

Gotta admit, I was a little bummed when I read through the first couple of paragraphs... what's gonna happen to local boy, Switters? But hope springs eternal... Ball added, "that the additions to the team are just that, with almost all of the current riders staying with the team." Fingers crossed that Adam falls into the 'most of the guys' category.

I like Ball's style. From his team vehicles to his shots at Slipstream, this guy is ragged at the edges and doesn't care what everybody else is doing, saying, or thinking. Style!

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