Monday, September 24, 2007


If today is 9/24, then the 2007 NCNCA road season is officially over... which means it is time to reminisce.


DBCJRT goes 1/2 at Cal Aggie
and Kelbster and Karch race for the very first time


  • AWfoSho earns his final upgrade points at Earlybird Criterium #5
  • TK wins the 2/3's at Apple Pie in a sideways rainstorm
  • Kelbster wins his first race at Cherry Pie
  • Davitamon earns his final upgrade points at Snelling making DBCJRT the only junior team on the west coast with three cat-2's

And the boys rally behind TK at Valley of the Sun


  • Laundry wins the Bariani RR in the 4's
  • TK and AWfoSho go 1/3 at Land Park giving DBCJRT the perpetual trophy for the third straight year
  • And crashes come in three's... El Gigante at the Merco Downtown Crit, Davitamon at Merco RR, and TK at the Central Valley Classic... taking toll on the equipment


  • The hilly road races start and the flat landers of Davis have to take a back seat to the climbers from the Bay Area...
  • TK jumps the pond to race the big boys in Europe


  • Garden sneaks in a win on the Cat against the climbers
  • Staz grabs a podium spot at the State Championship Crit

    And AWfoSho gets DBCJRT's first ever Pro/1/2 win at Golden State


  • Garden wins the Junior Point Series making four straight years that DBCJRT has won at least one of the age groups
  • Laundry wins a nail biter at Gold Nugget Junior Stage Race
  • And TK finish 14th on the GC at Elkhorn Stage Race as the boys cut their teeth on Pro/1/2 stage racing


  • AWfoSho shows his form with a win in the juniors at 4th of July and an impressive bridge in the Pro/1/2 race along with a strong ride a Vacaville

TK slips off the podium only after the last rider finishes
in the National Championship TT

while AWfoSho sucks it and rides despite a

separated shoulder

first, off the front...

and, finally when the body said no more,

off the back


  • TK takes his second trip across the pond with the US National Team
  • Laundry launches his own bloggity-blog where you can read all about his latest escapades
  • Davitamon, AWfoSho, and El Gigante try to heal up from their various injuries
  • The search for 2008 sponsorship begins
  • Garden makes public his defection to Discovery... hope he has a ride next year with the fall of the pro tour team


  • The search for sponsorship intensifies
  • The leaves start to change color

Where, oh where, does the time go...

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