Tuesday, September 25, 2007

George for Worlds... Not!

I've never really been a big fan of USACycling's selection process for numerous reasons, but mostly because me thinks that they don't always pick the best man for the job...

Take for example their Worlds Team. The only thing I can think of is that they are building for the future??? I mean, come on, you have a course that actually suits Big George... one that he has a fighting chance on, being a relatively fast finisher/former sprinter who can get over moderate hills. The course has enough climbing that it should eliminate the pure sprinters, but not enough to favor a pure climber. So, according to all predictions, it should favor a punchy rider, a strong man, someone like Georgie.

Gotta decent shot at bringing the rainbow jersey back to the good old US of A, maybe the best we've had in years, and what does USAC do? They load up the roster with youngens Tyler Farrar and John Devine. Farrar, maybe... the course does suit him, but IMOP he doesn't have the experience necessary. Devine... the guy's strong, but really, how much experience does he have in the European peloton? Next to none and you are gonna throw him in with the biggest of the big dogs... Hence my thoughts about building for the future.

But, the future is now and it is Hincappies course. Why isn't USAC supporting him with the best team they can? Where is Freddy? He's a proven leadout guy and can get over the hills. Where is Horner? Arguably the most tactically astute rider in the European peloton and don't even question his commitment to the whole team work thing. Where is Lippyheimer? Come on... he's our reigning National Champion, owes George a little sumpin' sumpin' after that race in SC, and is a better time trialist than McCartney (two birds with one stone)...

I don't know...

maybe... for sure... I don't know all the ins and outs that go on behind the scenes, but unless Horner and Rodriguez turned down spots, are injured, or otherwise are inelligible they should be there. Liepheimer should be there without question. Come-on, at least honor his jersey.

maybe I'm an idiot, but at least when I smell a possible win, I'm gonna field the best team possible.

Sorry George, I'd have supported you better... maybe in a few years we'll see Devine leading out Farrar for the jersey, but it ain't gonna happen this year.


Anonymous said...

Dude, check the stats again

Steve said...

One of the things I find really cool about cycling is that there aren't "stats"... those are for stick and ball sports. In cycling a rider has palmeres. And they speak for themselves. Maybe what anonymous means to say is that McCartney is a better TT rider than Lippy. Dude, check the palmeres. Maybe he/she meant to say that Farrar is a better leadout guy than Rodriguez. Dude, check the palmeres. Or maybe anonymous meant course profile when he/she said "stats"... If that is the case, Dude, check out the profile and you will see that it isn't a sprinters course or a climbers course. Whatever... try to be more specific and we can debate the USAC selections, but at least sign your comment. Anonymous is for whimps who throw bits of eraser when the teacher's got his back turned. If you wanna throw something in my classroom, man up and do it while I'm looking...

Anonymous said...

I think he meant check who is going... as in http://www.cyclingnews.com/road/2007/worlds07/index.php?id=/photos/2007/worlds07/preride07/DV238962 ... BIG GEORGE HIMSELF!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok Steve, did you even look at the start list? George is bib number 71

Steve said...

Ok anonymous, did you even read my original post... I guess I didn't make it clear enough. What I should have said was: George is going to worlds, has a chance to win, but USAC is not supporting him with the best riders. Instead, they are choosing to build for the future. My apologies if my stream of consciousness went over your head.

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