Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bits and Pieces...

Been awhile since I've grabbed an extraneous moment to wax poetically... pray excuse my tardiness. It's not that I haven't been thinking about words and keyboards. It's just that there are a bunch of 10 year olds that seem to be grabbin' at my time (danged ol' job) and there's riding to be done in the hills 'round here. A few of the ponderings that have crossed my mind...

Hot... not just the weather of late, but this kid!

Garden put himself atop the podium at Cat's Hill on Saturday and again at the Clo-terium on Sunday... That's double hot, and well deserved. This kid is training hard and religious like... Jesse is gonna have him flying come July for that little trip we are taking to PA.

SATs... that little old test kept most of our 17/18 contigent on the sideline this weekend. But look out college, ready or not, here they come!

Sprintervals... What is the best kind? Is it the little gear job that comes at the end of an ME effort? Perhaps it is the rush to the county line? Or is it the one that comes at the end of a long group ride? In my humble opinion it is the one that comes at the intersection of Midway and Cantelowe Roads... See, there is this not so little dog that lives there abouts that has a wicked vertical leap. Clears barbed wire in a single bound and without missing a step. He's been hot on my wheel the last few times I've been cruisin' around his local. I haven't been able to determine how long he can go yet. He always stops after a well placed water bottle to the face, but up until he is within spitting distance, he's gaining on me all slobbery and snarlin' like... I'll be comin' around Mr. LaBerge if the dog catcher don't show up soon.

Two crits on dia day las mamacitas (I stole that from Olaf Vanderhoot, but couldn't resist). Golden State is the close one, gotta travel to hit Steinbeck. It's tempting to make the trip all the way to Salinas simply to hear Mike Hernandez MC as we bike racers types ride in circles... Alas the kidlets will be turning their pedals in anger in Rancho... guess I'll have to settle for my daily dose of verbage on MH's bloggy blog.

Bazerkeley Hills on Saturday... it's so close, but so far away... somehow this race has escaped our attention over the last 5 years. Not this time... AWfoSho is throwin' it to the lions in the prosey race... El Gigante will be workin'-n-slavin' to protect Garden's point series lead in the 15/16's... Staz will be huntin' points in the 17/18's. Rumor has it that The Tapinator, Laundry, and Dishes will be doing the dance up the three bears as well. Last weekend we put four of the kiddos on the podium, crossing the fingers that we can do the same on the upcoming...

And finally, found this interesting tidbit on The Yellow Bug Times. Martina will keep you all following the 'Be Good or Look Good' mantra... she does both of them really well...


oh, Riki gets credit for the Cloterium Podium shot...


g'ma said...

That DBC Juniors kit looks really good on the podium. Way to go, guys!

Anonymous said...

man ur readin too many blogs... go ride ur bike! you missed the real death march... 101 miles beats up the legs...

Steve said...

rode the fixed gear over to Caren's to watch "Holy S@$t" on Versus tonight... at least when I could pry the remote out of her hands and get it off "American Idol"... that is about 1.5k each direction!

Edan said...

steve rode yesterday!

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