Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I've been waiting for the NCNCA Junior Point Series standings to be updated, but will wait no more.
By my best count, Garden is leading AMD's Joel Shaffer by 2 points after dropping their lowest races. Looks like a battle extraordinaire brewing for the final race of the season. The rules state that the last race will be the tie breaker. Looks like whoever finishes ahead of the other will be the point series champ.

DBCJRT has held at least one trophy in the series each of the last 3 years. Looks like the 15/16 trophy is our only shot this year, so we will be pulling out all the stops to protect Garden's lead... with the 17/18s racing with the 15/16s the dbcjrt boys will throw their whole weight behind Garden. I've got a few ideas brewing in my little old head... can't wait til race day to pull out the bag-o-tricks!

At Bazerkeley Hills I cringed when Garden was isolated by the AMD boys... not much one can do in that situation. Garden fought the good fight, leading the chase up the grande bear towards the finish, all the while knowing that most of the group was going to come around him at the top... but what else can you do. I had the feeling we were in trouble on that course... those AMD boys are all climbers. In hindsight, I should have had Garden racing all big picture like. He should have been marking Joel and letting everybody else go up the road if they wanted...
Hindsight be danged. We're looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend. Hill climbers beware, DBCJRT specializes in the flat fast stuff. The Memorial Day Crit is back on our turf! Game on...

Meanwhile, while we wait, check out the testosterone flowing through this boy after Golden State. Unlike that guy who raced in France last summer, AWfoSho's is all natural...

And all that man juice was flowing thanks to TK and Davitamon toilin' away on the front...

Joan Anton took the photo of the JPS podium in 2004... that shot cracks me up. AWfoSho, Juge and Brian Larson may not be all grown up yet, but they've come a long way since Joan was snapping away at the Albany Crit. Thanks for the memories JA...

Jim Kuphaldt gets credit for the two more recent pics...

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g'ma said...

Steve! Great catching up here. Please send me those two pictures Jim took.

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