Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh, What the North Wind Brings

In this case.... pain by the bucketful.

The north wind was a blowin' pretty steady this evening and the boys were playing nasty in the gutter. Long about the olive trees on the second sprint of our local sufferfest my lungs were screamin' hey we just had the flu and are operating at about half-speed, my legs were doing their best to be heard as well... hey, we've had one too many bucketfuls of the lactic juice and the pain-o-meter is tappin' well into the red zone. Did you know that the olive trees are nice and pretty this time of year? Especially when the eyes uncross and refocus after the shatterfest rides away from you. Haven't been off the back there for awhile now! Best part is that the DBCJRT boys were the dealers tonight... Garden, El Gigante, and AWfoSho handed out heapin' helpin's of the pain, made the lead group, and just shredded the sprint. Ahh to have the legs to be able to outkick all them onesies and twosies, even with the flusie... I still wonder where AWfoSho finds that magic.

Speaking of pain... read all about them old guys who can't seem to get enough pain from turning pedals and are now resorting to throwing left crosses in the middle of bike races... I'm glad none of the DBCJRT kiddos act near as childish as these so-called grown-ups...

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