Saturday, March 17, 2007

Land Park...

So, the kiddos are out racing and the Goodyear Blimp floats overhead... folks were saying that the blimp was in town for some kind of basketball tournament or something, but I'm pert near sure that it made the flight to little old Sactown just to cover the racing...

No fewer than thirteen DBCJRT rocket ships took the start in the junior show: Davitamon, TK, the Staz, PtotheArker, AWfoSho, El Gigante, the Tapinator, Garden, Todd Stone, Ian McPherson, Karch Miller, Kieran Noble-Goodman, and our own queen bee, Alexis Braun... the comment was made that DBCJRT better win this race with those numbers... I say DBCJRT should win any race, with any numbers... and the kidlets didn't disappoint. After several attempts to put the Staz, Todd, and/or PtotheArker up the road, TK finally shook free. Seven laps up the road resulted in the win, but not before dropping AMD's Daniel Tisdell. After an impromtu, but effective, lead out from Davitamon, AWfoSho took the field sprint for the third spot.

The storyboard for the elite 3 race included as much off the bike action as on... On the bike, Garden spent several of the waining laps off the front, finally caught with two to go. El Gigante challenged the field sprint and ended up in a four way tie [sic] (that's fancy writer talk for: that is not a typo) for 8th in the 71 rider field, resulting in some off the bike shenanigans... seems the Leprechauns caused the camera to fail at the finish, so the riders were left to pick themselves, until home video footage clarified the first 7 places. Eighth thru eleventh was another story. All four riders were so close that the camera couldn't pick them as it was not an exact finish line shot... no problem, right? just split the prize for 8th and call it a day... unless you are Matt Theison of BPG... imagine a guy so wound up over his finish spot that he would threaten a kid ten years younger than him, and then, when things didn't go his way, storm off in a tantrum that would make a two-year-old proud... all for 1 upgrade point...

Turns out, that most riders, on the day, were safer in the 3's than in the prosie race anyway... those guys did a fantastic job of taking eachother out in a couple of bizarre wrecks. Fortunately our kiddos had their training wheels on and managed to stay upright. TK and AWfoSho ended up in front of a split following one of those wierd little wrecks. Unfortunately their group couldn't get organized and the race came back together. AWfoSho, marking Michael Hernandez' wheel, ended up off the front several more times before he ran out of gas and let Mr. Hernandez go... and I told Mike to take it easy on the kids before the race :) Well, Hernandez being Hernandez stuck the move that AWfoSho let go and won solo... not that AWfoSho would have been able to change that... the field sprint came down to Dean LaBerge, again... and I told Dean that he had to sprint in the 14 to make it fair for the kids... not that our kiddos could have done anything about it anyway!

SGW put on a great race again... seems they have a knack for doing that! Thanks to all those guys and gals working hard across The Causeway so our boys could have a little fun!


Anonymous said...

and thor rocked the quadd noff nrc race, took a 7th in the 3's tt (hilly as shit, like a huge pile too) and 3rd in the crit after putting in the decisive attack that split the field, and took a prime... : ) woop woop, go middlecal!!!

Anonymous said...

It was a good race. Ironic that more wreck in the Pros than other fields.

LeBerge is a rocket.

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