Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lots to Talk About

Where to start...

It's been a weekend for the old guys... Freire wins MSR at 31, his second victory in San Remo, and shows the speedsters that he's still got it...

Moninger is tops on Oak Glen at the Redlands Classic. He's somewhere north of 40 and has been winning since the early 90's... If the kidlets are still racing at his age they will have 25 plus years of competitive cycling in their legs.

All very cool... and I hope that one or more of the DBCJRT kiddos is still racing their bicycle long after I've traded in my two wheeled machine for a Lazy Boy and a cable subscription to VS... so long as they continue to show cycling in the ratio of 1:3... that's 1 minute of coverage to 3 minutes of commercials. Can't wait to watch MSR, recorded, so that I can fast forward thru the commercials. But, what I really wanted to talk about is word origins, well, because word origins are so cool...

FLECHA... as in Juan Antonio Flecha, one of my all time favorites because he dishes out heaping helpings of pain when he lays on one of his late race attacks... not to mention his one-of-a-kind, arrow-to-the-heavens victory salute after his TDF stage win! How cool was that? FLECHA, as in spanish for arrow, from which we get fletch (to add a feather to an arrow), fletching (the feathers on an arrow), etc...
I've been trying to get the Robinhood to race with us for a few years now... Mini Parker seems to have better things to do, but can you imagine the victory salute he could throw down after winning in a solo move on some county road in NorCal?

And finally, as testament to my credo, Either be Good or Look Good, AWfoSho begs the question of Chanlanalanadingdong, "Do I look good or What?"

By the way, PtotheArker got the ticker clicking over today in Santa Rosa, just missing the podium in the Santa Rosa Crit, but making a few new friends in the process...

Photo Credits: all photos are copyrighted, and my inclusion of them probably constitutes a criminal act, but, dang, those guys take good shots..

Oscar Freire by Sirotti
Scott Moninger by Larry Rosa
Elliot Childress by Jim Childress
Alex Wick by Jim Childress

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