Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Recap...

Cruisin' the internet instead of the end of year grading and coming up with results from the weekend.

Laundry spent some time out on the coast and came top twenty in the 3's at Pescadero. Not bad for a fifteen year old kidlet. The Staz spent his weekend in the mountains and came 2nd at Sattley. Long drive for a quick little TT, but the result is impressive anyhow.

On the home front, TK, AWfoSho, El Gigante, and Garden drug me out for a 65 mile sufferfest to ride repeats on Mix Canyon. Not much to report, just the same old sufferfest... not enough water, not enough watts... you know the drill.

I do have this photo on my phone that I can't quite figure out how to get loaded onto my computer. I probably spent $10.00 in extra phone charges trying to get it emailed to my hotmail account, but can't seem to master the technology. Anyways, its this shot of TK climbing out of a rather deep ditch somewhere on the lower slopes of Mix. Now you are thinking, jeesh, he overcooked a corner on the descent... and I wouldn't blame you, but it was a little more humorous than that... We'd just started up and Garden mentions some bit of trivia or something. It was important enough to break TK's concentration and he drifted off the road. Unfortunately there wasn't much of a shoulder, and it was a nearly vertical drop for 20 feet to the creek bed. Both feet unclip, the bars wobble, and just when one thinks he's gonna save it, the rear wheel starts to lift. Hind quarters hang in the air for a brief moment, and TK takes the head first dive. Definitely video worthy, all we have is the photo, if somebody can tell me how to get it uploaded.

Quite funny, but, truth be told, we were pretty lucky. off the road 10 feet earlier and TK uses a 2 foot diameter black walnut to break his fall. off the road 10 feet later and the slope is vertical with a rather large pile of sticks and whatnot at the bottom that would have most definitely impaled him. Instead, he slid down a 70 degree slope of dry grass and twigs, perhaps some poison oak, leaving him itchy and dirty, but otherwise unharmed.

Can't imagine having to tell Jim that TK was taken to the hospital because he's a newb! Luckily I didn't... let me know if you can hel out with the upload thing...


Edan said...

that was a pretty awesome ride. except for the fact that we were out of water going up for 15 minutes of excruciating pain...oh well. and yeah, that's why people should ride their bikes!! to see noobs fall down ditches, that was awesome.

Anonymous said...

haha! i wish i could have made it... woulda been a little too tired i think....

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