Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Dunlap TT... The good:
  • The weather... perfect day for a TT. Zero wind, 70ish degrees. Rapidamente!!!
  • TK's 17/18 win in 27:35... the fastest time I've seen on that course... 20 seconds faster than Adam Switters best.
  • Laundry's 2 spot in the 15/16's... Hey, you just beat a national champion. What are you gonna do now? Disneyland? Where did Davis Bentley come up with a 28:33?
  • Kelbster's 2 spot in the 10/12's... How do you pass the guy who got first and not win?
  • Takumi's Kawaguchi's first bicycle race!
  • El Gigante overhearing "some random parent saying, 'I wonder who runs that Davis Team. They are really good.'"
  • Racing bikes and being home and finished at 10:30 in the morning.

Dunlap TT... The bad:

  • Poorly organized Roll-Out. It cost El Gigante 10 seconds and Brian Larson about 5... the officials credited the kidlets the time, but both of them were unfocused and in the wrong gear at the start, which probably cost them some additional time...
  • Mechanicals. We're not sure if the nasty creaking/grinding sound resonating off AWfoSho's disk cost him any time, but it for sure took him off his game. He was unable to focus enough to get the heartrate where it needed to be. On his best day he is about 1:30 faster on the same course, so something was definitely wrong. How come it always breaks during a race? We spent two days making sure the bike was set up and working the way it should. Couldn't it have broken during one of the pre-race check rides? Monticello's Kyle Paterson suffered the same fate, flatting his disk shortly before the start. He borrowed Davitamon's spare, but when all is not right with the world it is hard to focus... Mechanicals just plain suck.
  • Kelbster missing his start time by 3:10... He still finished second, and even passed the kid who won. But, since the kid's start time was behind Kelbster's he finished first when he really was second... Understand that?

Dunlap TT... the ugly:

Don't really know what to put here... Was gonna say, "the grinding noise coming off AWfoSho's disk." but I mentioned that above. I guess I could talk about Davitamon's hair, but TK said it best when he proffered the advice, "Next time some guy asks if he can pee on your head, just tell him no!" Anything else that could be called ugly about bicycle racing can be explained away by TBR... That's Bike Racing!

Congrats to all the kiddo's who raced their bikes today...

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