Thursday, April 19, 2007

Catching Up on Old News...

I may be getting along chronologically, but I'm still a young buck when it comes to the Otter... been down to Monterey 4 times with the young'ns and their bicyclettas. The fun part is that 3 of those 4 times we've put a kidlet on the podium. First, it was TK in 05, then AWfoSho in 06. This year Garden held the torch, finishing 5th in the circuit race.

still a couple of spots shy of the top step, but we'll get there...

them's some proud peoples

and on the European Front... TK climbed off that big bird that flew him home with a 103 degree fever. Spent a few hours on the cobbles of northern France with the same fever, but didn't quite make it to that famous Velodrome in Roubaix. Read all about it here...

from the deep South... looks like a few of the domestic teams, Successful Living and Jittery Joes, forgot to get on that Midnight Train to Georgia. They missed the break yesterday and gave up nearly half an hour on the GC... somebody's got to chase. Too bad our homegrown boy, Eric Riggs, didn't jump into the break... would have been fun seeing a kid we've all watched grow up riding for the GC. Alas, Riggsy has to cut his teeth against the Europros somewhere... maybe next, year with the added experience that this year brings, he'll be in a fighting mood...

and finally, as a source of motivation... found this shot from Fitchburg on the Hot Tubes website. AWfoSho was trying to wrangle up a few sprint points, when he got the "Come on Nino" call from Danny Estevez.

Uphill sprints suck... unless you spend time working on them. I know a good hill off of Pleasant's Valley!

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