Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pies, Pies, and more Pies

The Pie weekend has come and gone... and I'm exhausted. Two 5:30 AM departures and full days at the races wears an old body like mine out. All well worth it though...

Apple Pie, in Santa Rosa, saw the kidlets racing in sideways rain. The junior field was surprisingly large given the weather conditions. DBCJRT put on a display of tactics... attack, counter attack, bridge to a solo rider off the front while teammates patrol the field. TK and AWfoSho ended up off the front togethter once the dust had settled and worked in perfect tandem to put a lap into the field. Once safely in contact with the back of the group tactics switched from staying away from the field to leading out Davitamon... Ben Barsi-Rhyne put in his wicked little sprint and instead of a 1/2/3 finish, the boys had to settle for a 1/2/5 finish. Apple Pie #1! While TK and AWfoSho played off the front, El Gigante frustrated the rest of the junior field by sitting second wheel and disrupting any chase. In doing so, he road himself to a 1st place finish in the 15/16 age group. Apple Pie #2!

Fast forward through several hours of time spent in the cars with the heaters blasting in vain attempts to dry out gloves and armwarmers and shoes, and the boys kitted up again for the elite 2/3 race, again in sideways rain. An hour long affair in which TK spent over 50 minutes off the front to take a solo victory. While doing so The Garden of Edan, Davitamon, AWfoSho, and El Gigante did their darndest to keep the chasing field at bay. Playing for a 1/2 finish in the field sprint was the only damper, besides the rain, on the day. As AWfoSho wound up his sprint he was caught behind lapped riders and had to slam on the breaks 50 meters from the line. He had to settle for sixth, with little bro El Gigante on his wheel for the seventh spot. Apple Pie #3!

Fast forward again, this time to Napa. Kelbster got the ball rolling for DBCJRT with his first ever win in the 10-12 age group. Pie #4, this time Cherry! While Kelbster worked his magic, Dishes was doing the same in the 13/14 field. This time to the tune of second place, only a bike length behind James LaBerge of AMD. Pie #5!

The Garden of Edan put in a last lap attack in the 15/16 age group that strung the field out for Laundry and El Gigante. In the charge up the hill Laundry was too quick for the field, taking home the top spot. El Gigante nipped Davis Bentley in a bike throw to claim the final podium spot. The Tapinator finished strong, just outside the top ten. Pies #6 and #7!

The 17/18 affair was a live and learn lesson, with the AMD kids taking a page from the boys playbook and beating them soundly at their own tactical game. Ian McPherson, PtotheArker, Chris Stastny, Davitamon, TK, and AWfoSho tried to put the race under control but ended up playing into others' hands. This time having to settle for TK's 4th place as the break sprinted for the line. Just outside of the pies...

Most of the kiddos took their shots in the adult races in Napa as well with varying success... The Tapinator and PtotheArker mixed it up in the elite four category, rumors are flying concerning Ian's participation in the elite fives, and AWfoSho, Garden, and El Gigante turned and burned in the elite threes. AWfoSho was able to grab a top ten spot in the threes, and we are awaiting news of TK's ride in the Pro/1/2 race.

Time to go eat some pie... and get some rest!

1 comment:

G'ma said...

I'm proud of all the DBC juniors' success in the Pie races. Way to show 'em! Interesting that other teams will be gunning for y'all from now on. . . Go blue and orange! [or is it white and blue/orange?]

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