Monday, February 12, 2007

Explaining the Not So Obvious

It has recently been brought to my attention that not all of you are familiar with all the nicknames that are thrown around on this little old blog... to me and to most of the kiddos the names are as common place as, well, names, but to the rest of you they probably don't make a whole lot of sense. I guess, the really enthusiastic reader could probably cross check the postings with the results listed down the right hand side of the site and come up with a pretty good idea of just who the usual suspects are. But, to lessen the burden placed on the casual reader I will do my best to enlighten you all to the origins of said nicknames.

El Gigante: aka Zachary Wick... Zach was christened with his nickname at the 2006 version of Valley of the Sun. Picture a 6' plus 14 year old kid racing against tiny twelve year olds in the 12-14 age group and you will understand the name. As Zach road circles around the field, his older teammates stood courseside yelling, "El Gigante..." the giant in Spanish for those of you that are language challenged like me.

Davitamon: aka David Vuilleumier... simply named for his ability to ride like those one day masters on the former Euro Pro Team Davitamon Lotto. Either that or his name sounds an awful lot like the name of the former Euro Pro Team Davitamon Lotto.

PtotheArker: aka Parker Childress... christened as such by AWfoSho for unkown reasons. Well, somehow the name stuck.

AWfoSho: aka Alex Wick... for several seasons Alex's nickname waffled back and forth between Pop Rocks and AWfoSho; pop rocks for the fast twitch muscles he is blessed with, AWfoSho as cheap rip off of Joe Iannarelli's email address. AWfoSho is more fun to say, so that is what we call him.

The Garden of Edan: aka Edan Levaton... likeAWfoSho, Edan had several nicknames, one being Sir Farts Alot, but The Garden of Edan seems to be more fitting. He is often times referred to as simply Garden.

Tapinator: aka Cody Tapley... duh!

Kelbster: aka Kelby Spore... duh, again!

College Boy: aka Musa Zaid... he may be the only kid on the team who's brain is bigger than his thighs. Musa can boast being a collegiate racer and a junior racer, probably one of very few in the country.

Laundry: aka Andreas Freund... the story goes that some kid at school couldn't pronounce his name so took to calling him Laundry because it sounds a little like Andreas. Again, the name stuck.

Dishes: aka Alexander Freund... little brother to Laundry, Dishes simply fit. Like brothers go together, Laundry and Dishes are chores that go together.

TK: aka Taylor Kuphaldt... again, duh!

Thor: aka Blake Anton... no longer a junior, but a name worth mentioning. If you saw this man-child you would understand this name. Blake looked more like a man as a 12 year old than I will ever be able to boast. Who is more of a man than Thor, God of Thunder! That and he alone is the reason that DBCJRT shorts are orange and blue, not white.

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