Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rumor Has It...

Rumor has it that, while Davitamon was leading El Gigante, AWfoSho, and little old me on a five hour, 90 mile death march, some of the DBCJRT contingent was racing. Seems that there was a little bit of a race in the hills outside of Patterson, a nasty one with a bugger of a climb and a slick, sloppy descent.

Saturday was bright and warm in El Dorado Hills, but way down south Patterson way the skies were doing their best to make life miserable for Laundry, Chris Stastny, Ian McPherson, Todd Stone, and The Garden of Edan. About the time Davitamon's slave train was heading out of Mather, Laundry and Chris were toiling up the monster of a climb called Patterson Road Race in the elite four category. Shortly behind them, or maybe, at least part of the time, in front of them were Todd and Ian in the category five race. The Garden of Edan, fresh off his crash fest of a River Ride, brought up the rear in the junior open race.

Later, as Davitamon dragged us passed the stately mansions atop those hills north of Highway 50, all four DBCJRT racers slip-slid their way back down towards the finish line above Patterson. As the rumor goes, Laundry bested his pops in a six-up sprint, finishing fourth. The Garden of Edan held off all but three of a charging junior field. And there is where the rumor gets cloudy... Either the hills up near Shingle Springs weren't high enough to see all the way to Patterson or my vision was fogged by the lack of blood in my head (my legs were taking all they could get ahold of). Either way, I wasn't, and still haven't been, able to discern just where Todd, Ian, and Chris finished.

Finished... the racers found there ways to a comfy car ride home. Davitamon's little ride wasn't but half way over. El Gigante, AWfoSho, and I weren't quite sure where we were, but Davitamon assured us we were no more than 20 or so minutes away from home. As our legs burned and churned their way through Latrobe 20 minutes later Davitamon assured us again that we weren't more than 20 minutes from home. As Latrobe Road spit us out onto Highway 16, 20 minutess later, I'm pretty sure Davitamon said we were only 20 minutes from home. An hour or so later, comfortably at home eating Team Mom Spaghetti, Davitamon was still telling us we were only 20 minutes from home. No real complaints from the crew though because those new Cervelo bikes are so fast that 20 minutes goes by like no time at all... each time it goes by!


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve! Your English teacher/editor is reading these. How many errors can you find?

Steve said...

there are very much wrong things... but who's counting... my english teacher didn't learn me very well. and BTW you should have scene those mantions that us passed.

Anonymous said...
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