Thursday, April 17, 2008

Early reportage from the Otter...

When the cell phone started vibrating at 2:15 or so this afternoon I wanted nothing more than to tell my students to put their heads down so I could take the call... but, being all professional like, I figured I'd better wait...

spent the last half hour of the day oscillating between, "somebody wrecked" and "somebody won!" every time the phone would vibrate...

when the bell finally rang and I had a chance to check the voicemail I heard a severely out of breath kidlet say, "Dad, I won the road race... call me back!"

AWfoSho escaped the group early in the first lap and soloed 50 plus miles to win by two minutes... at one point he had nursed his lead to five minutes. A fear of being caught kept the pedals ticking over up the hill to the line, where he collapsed into a pile of delirium, blurred vision, panting lungs, and twitching muscles...

TK mopped up the finishing group with an attack at the base of the final climb and crossed the line 30 seconds ahead of the chasers... Staz finished in the top ten. Still waiting for reports on Brian.

Top two steps on the podium... I couldn't be prouder of the kidlets

In the 15/16 race, El Gigante battled valiantly to a tenth place. He made it to the base of the finishing climb with the lead group, but it sounds like a break of five may have been up the road. Going up the climb El Gigante set tempo on the front to ward off the inevitable attacks. When the attacks came the big guy couldn't match them, but he rode sensibly within himself to make sure he wasn't caught from behind... the kidlet is learning how to race his bike!

Stupid work... first race I've missed in five years and the kidlets go big!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

awww shit. Congrats! thats friggin amazing... nats should be fun this year, i might have to make an appearance

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