Saturday, July 14, 2007

AWfoSho Update

Thanks to all of you that fought your way through the spotty cell phone coverage to check up on AWfoSho... He's getting pretty familiar with those backboards and ambulances. Fortunately, after several hours in the hospital, multiple x-rays, etc, he was diagnosed with severe shoulder trauma... minimal separation, no apparent fractures. He says it feels just like when he broke his clavicle a few years back. Currently he's all drugged up on painkillers so physically he's not feeling too bad, but emotionally he's a wreck... no crit for him tomorrow and he'd really been working hard for that one. The kidlet is a tough one... on the way home from the hospital he asked, "If it isn't broken, then I can't hurt it. Can I race tomorrow?"

From the boy's mouth in more or less his words... I was up front over the climb to stay out of trouble on the descent, but TK was in the back, so I started drifting back to move him up to where it is safe. About 20 wheels in front of me riders started going down in a bikes and bodies cartwheel. the cartwheel kept getting bigger. Guys were riding up the embankment and going over the guardrail. I tried to get through a hole in the middle, but a bike shot out right in front of me. I tried to bunny hop it but didn't make it and went over the bars. Then I just curled up in a ball and thought, "here it comes." At least one guy ran over me, and Heath Medeiros ended up on top of me...

When I got to him, AWfoSho broke down in tears, not from the pain, but because he knew he wouldn't be able to ride the crit... kinda one of those "I need a hug moments." It'll be tough on him to watch his teammates ride tomorrow.


Auffderbach said...

What a mess that one was.

I was amazed to have read Alex raced the crit. He certainly deserves the big cahonies award.

Good job holding it together during
the carnage...I remember when Micah
broke his clavicle last year and I
wanted to cry, but part of being
Dad was having to keep it together
on his behalf.
Not an easy thing to do .

Way to go.


Steve said...

Maybe I'm just getting used to picking kids up off the pavement. The scene was really ugly, but crying never crossed my mind... TBR (that's bike racing) did. I'm really glad that nobody was hurt worse... Got to see both Justin and Andy at the crit. Both will make a full recovery.

AWfoSho couldn't stand during the crit so he attacked. That way he could control the speed through the corners... alas, the boys chased him down three times. Not sure why they finished him in the results. He actually pulled himself out of the race with 5 or 6 laps to go.

Thanks for checking up on my boy

Steve said...

Word from the orthopedists is that AWfoSho has a grade 2-3 achromial-clavicular (sp?) separation. No surgery needed, about 6 weeks to heal.

Given that the ER doc was a little busy last Saturday, it is not a surprise that he missed the separation in the x-rays. At least we aren't looking at his second broken clavicle.

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